Design Management services for startups

Helping you in developing appropriate processes and methods that can integrate design into the core competency of your business

Feature 01

Strategy Impact

Applied to business strategy and business transformation involves the visualization of concepts and the actual delivery of new products and services

Feature 02

Role in Management

The concept of design thinking is now taking hold in management and is paving the way for design to address new problems in the organization.

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The art and science of using design to enhance collaboration and synergy between design and business to improve design effectiveness

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Business design uses design methodologies, most notably design thinking. Their power comes from a multidisciplinary approach, highly iterative nature, abductive thinking, and customer-centricity.

Feature 05

The Process

Problem-solving process that enables innovation and creates well-designed products, services, communications, environments, and brands that enhance the quality of life and provide organizational success.

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The Scope

From the tactical management of corporate design functions and design agencies, including design operations, staff, methods and processes - to the strategic advocacy of design across the organization.

Unlimited for all

Our design managers are great forward planners, capable of managing project timescales, and with the requisite knowledge for coordinating the design process following current legislation, standards, and codes of practice.

In any of these fields
  • Software and API Design
  • Hardware and Appliences Design
  • Fashion and Apparel Design
  • Interrior and Landscape Design

We are actively engaged in design thinking and managing industrial design, graphic design, service design, environment design, brand identity, fashion design, interface design, interior design, experience design, architecture and engineering.

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